I reached a point in my life just over 3 months ago where I realised I cannot continue this busy lifestyle of working, travelling and being a single mom to a very busy toddler without taking the time to take care of myself, my health. I was stressed, tired and just too drained to even consider a gym session after a busy long day. Many of us have been or you might be there right now in your life and can relate to this. I decided enough was enough. It’s time to make a change. After having gone through a very difficult time in my personal life too, it was time to take back control. Time to take care of myself and invest in myself.

I came across Tamara personal training Facebook page through a mutual friend, Jonathan Mandell. I decided to contact her that day and it was the best decision I could ever have made. I discussed my work situation, being a single parent and the challenges of finding time to train especially if I’m out of town travelling for business. Tamara helped me to get organised, priorities and made sure I push to the max in every training session. Thank you Tamara for helping me achieve my goals of being fitter, stronger and healthier more energized feeling great about myself again and ready to take every day on.