In July 2016 I joined Tamara’s fitness studio with the aim to lose weight. As a full time student I quickly started bad habits of grabbing the quickest meal, over eating due to stress and being active was never an option because I just never seemed to have time, motivation or dedication to get up and be active. Growing up, being active, and living a healthy lifestyle was never a priority.

Reaching my heaviest weight and being really unhappy with the way I felt, I started training and following an eating program with Tamara. It was not easy and I was mentally challenged every day and still am! The journey has taken me to highs and lows but from each I have learned a valuable lesson:

• You have to make time to include exercise in your daily life
• Following a healthy eating program is very important, if not the most important!
• You have to do this for YOU
• It is not an overnight transformation, be patient
• It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger
• Weight training and Cardio training are both essential

With a dip in between, I have since lost 17.6kg. I am not perfect, but I am for sure making progress. Tamara has helped me to change my way of thinking with regards to fitness, food and my body. I honestly hated training, I hated feeling so pathetic, but she is an individual that motivates and push you to be the better you. It was not an easy challenge but most definitely worth it, over and over. I trust and believe 110% in Tamara, her expertise, her honesty, dedication and her service, and I wish that other people could experience it and have a transformation like I had –both inside and out. I now enjoy having exercise part of my daily routine and it feels as if I am close to feeling content with my body and my appearance and loving my transformation. I am excited to continue walking a path with Tamara in creating a stronger and healthier me. I am beyond words of gratitude towards Tamara!

Tamara Fitness