Tamara Fitness

Approximately 4 years ago, in 2014, I joined a gym.  I trained about 4 times a week on my own for the first while.  It went well.  I mostly did cardio, never weights and I followed what I thought was a healthy diet.  Slowly I started to train only 3 times a week, then 2, then 1 and, you guessed it, I stopped going.  I reverted to my old unhealthy habits and the little weight I had lost piled back on.

Besides being extremely unhappy with my appearance, I then got engaged and decided I needed to lose weight for my wedding.  This is when I met Tamara and I am so glad that I did.

I won’t lie to you, that first training session was hell.  I thought I was going to die, multiple times.  The next session was just as tough and so was the one after that.   I don’t think any overweight person realises how unfit they actually are until they are placed in an environment where their physical capabilities are tested properly.  This is what Tamara does.  She pushes you until you think you can’t anymore and then she shows you that you can.  That is what I needed.  I needed someone to show me that I could achieve so much more than what I thought, that my body could be pushed so much further than what I ever would have pushed on my own.  Most importantly, I needed someone to tell me to keep going, to suck it up when my mind was telling me that I couldn’t anymore.

Now, I hate missing a training session and I look forward to pushing myself during each class.  As an added bonus, I have met awesome people along the way who make our classes fun and even more challenging.

The classes are small which enables Tamara to provide individual attention to each person during training to ensure that you are performing the exercise correctly to achieve maximum result and also not to injure yourself.

My journey is not over but I feel so much better than I did 3 years ago.  At 35 years old, I am fitter, stronger and happier than I have ever been.  I invested in myself because I deserve that, don’t you?

Thank you Tamara.  You believed in me and motivated me when I couldn’t do that myself.  I look forward to many more training sessions with you.

Tamara Fitness