Tamara Fitness

I reached the age of 30 which made me realize I need to do some changes regarding my lifestyle.

I stopped smoking 2 years ago that made me gain a big amount of weight. I realized my health needed attention for takeaways was my life.

I then started to look online for a personal trainer to help me get back into shape, that’s when I came across Tamara’s Personal Trainers page.

February 2019 I started my first session which nearly killed me haha I just wanted time out, a day I will never forget.

Tamara you woken up muscles in my body I never knew I had. You helped me reach my goals in just 6 moments I made a massive improvement with my lifestyle and eating habits.

Thank you for motivating me through my journey, you really know how to inspire people by your fire ball of energy…

This is not the end of me yet, I am still going strong and I can only thank Tamara for this life changing experience I have and got in your gym

Chantelle ?