Tamara Fitness

It was a Sunday afternoon scrolling on Facebook and Tamara Personal Trainer kept popping up. I have threatened for a while to get back into training after training for the Half Ironman 2 year prior. I sent Tamara a WhatsApp thinking she would only respond the Monday, but she responded straight away and said I must come see her the Monday. I am a straight forward person and when meeting Tamara I knew I had met my match. I instantly knew this woman is going to be epic to train with. When researching Tamara, I learnt of all her achievements in the years of her personal training. I was then super eager to start the next day. Well, I did my first session, and I thought I was going to cry. Actually I think I did a little in the car on the way home thinking to myself, how I could have let go of those early morning and late night training sessions. How could I have let myself go? I then took my before photo on the 31st January 2019. Still I didn’t think anything of it. Tamara gave me an eating plan which I stuck to religiously for the first few months. I noticed my clothes getting looser and I had more energy. Also, if you have a stressful job this is a way of releasing all built up stress. Tamara asked me to take photos on the 29th August. The sense of pride I felt when doing the comparison was strong.

I never want to be a swimsuit model and I own my tiger stripes proudly from pregnancy. But what I feel now is a sense of accomplishment, healthier and sexy!

If you want to feel these emotions, then what are you waiting for? I go to Tamara now not to lose weight but because I love it so much! It is not like going to the gym at all.

I hope to see you newbies there soon, trust me…. You will not regret it!


Tamara Fitness