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Another fantastic loss for Jean during the 6-week summer challenge – 17.5kgs …

I was quite desperate at the time to lose weight.  From a fit 35 year old man, I ballooned to an overweight couch executive over an 11 year period.  Over the years I got into bad habits and my discipline let me down in terms of my health.  I was by no means undisciplined in other areas of life, so having spiralled so far out of control was totally against my grain and character.  There is no denying it my weight bothered me as well as other people’s reaction to it. 

I was tired of being a 46 year old couch potato.  Desperate times called for desperate measures.  At that point in time I have never been to a personal trainer in my life.  The idea was quite insane at the time.  I was insane, the training was insane and Tamara was insane (in a good way).  Being insane myself I felt right at home. 

Tamara holds you accountable every step of the way. Your position is society is not going to help you.  She treats everyone the same.  She is just as strict with the executive as she is with university or college student.  Any excuse you have is not going to work. At Tamara’s studio you work your butt off and there are no short cuts. 

Tamara was the first and only fitness trainer I have been to.  I had no idea what to expect, and it was quite a surprise.  It felt great not being recognised by colleagues from a distance.  In my cupboard very few items still fit today.  At least I haven’t gotten too big for my shoes, since all my shoes still fit.

The real reward though is not on the outside but on the inside. Exercises I thought I could not do I managed to get better at over time.  Balance and co-ordination has always been a problem but I got better at it.  The journey improved my confidence and self-concept in other areas of life.  Ultimately at the end of the day Tamara gave me a gift of not only having respect for myself but also others.