In March 2013, the lowest moment of my life came when my husband and daughter accompanied me to visit with my Endocrinologist and he recommended gastric bypass surgery for me as I was classified as morbidly obese. To hear it in front of my family was horrible, but the kick in the butt I needed.

With the help of a small weight loss and fitness loving community, I decided to try and lose the weight through eating and exercise. I was successful on my own for about 2 months, losing weight, but really not seeing a change in my body. My exercise was also erratic. Work out one week; don’t work out for 2 weeks. One CRAZY day I decided to Google and look at the option of a personal trainer. The gym was not for me…it’s a humiliating place for an obese person. Been there, done that. Google took me to two websites and thankfully Tamara emailed me back the same day. It was one of those moments where if I didn’t get a reply immediately, I was going to chicken out.

We arranged a meeting…and I could see this woman takes no prisoners. I walked away from our meeting thinking…WHAT HAVE I DONE? My first session….I think I almost died, but very proud that I didn’t puke or pass out. Ha ha. 2nd session was actually the hard one where I almost cried (okay I shed a few tears) and wondered if this was for me. I am HUGE, how can she expect me to do these things???? Today I can honestly say…I LOVE my workouts, I love how Tamara pushes me and doesn’t take my ‘I’m fat so can’t lift my bum’ excuses I try to give her sometimes. She tells me when I had a crap session….and she tells me when she thinks I’ve had a good session…which is a good confidence booster! The results to me are showing, my body shape has changed, my confidence levels have improved dramatically.

I think Candice wrote in her story that she thought this was a short term thing…I had the same idea, but here I am…9 months later and still training with Tamara. I am loving life, slimming down and running around the house with my kids….that has got to be the BEST part of all this…my kids think their mom is fit, healthy and fun 25kgs down….I still have a long road ahead of me, but with Tamara and good eating habits, I am going to get there;)

I would recommend to ANYBODY that needs motivation to do this to enlist the help of a professional…if in Port Elizabeth, call Tamara. Really money well spent….this is an investment in yourself!