On New Year’s Day 2013 I sat in front of my pc at home feeling stuffed, tired, fat, ugly and sad. I knew I couldn’t go through yet another year of this. I emailed Tamara and another personal trainer. I got a reply that same afternoon from Tamara and I felt relieved. Scared but relieved. A booking was made for 7 days later and it felt like an eternity for that day to come. My heart, my soul and my big fat ass was heavy. That first lesson I could barely do 5 minutes on the elliptical. I wanted to cry. A commitment was made though. Money exchanged hands. No turning back.

January was tough. I did cry. February was tough. I cried and moaned every time I moved or breathed. March was a tiny bit easier. I still dreaded the torture chamber and I would sit in my car head on steering wheel in front of the studio wishing it wasn’t so hard. April was a little bit easier. I took part in my second iron girl and my time was so much better.

Tamara is who she is. A devil with rock hard abs and biceps and a grin that makes you wanna slap her. BUT I needed that. I needed to be pushed to my limits. Hell I obviously wasn’t important enough to myself to do it myself. Tamara’s ways aren’t for everyone, but I tell you now she doesn’t just make your muscles stronger she adds a layer of thick skin on too.

If you can just put your head down, shut up and follow instructions in the studio and at home with her diet plan, you WILL become what you want to be.

It’s October now. I’m so much stronger. I can keep up with the routine. I can run now. I’m going on holiday soon and you know what for the first time EVER I’m packing my training kit AND bikini’s, yes plural.

I wanted to quit when things were too hectic and I didn’t feel up to it any more but we chatted and I’m so glad that she doesn’t want to let go. I’m forever grateful that I could change my life like this with her help. Nothing feels as good as strong does.