My name is Leandie Williams, and I am 29 years old. My mantra now, is to be healthy at 30, which is in March 2014.

You don’t just wake up grossly, morbidly obese; it doesn’t happen overnight – it took me approximately 7 years to reach that point. I have a muscular body and was always toned, even without trying.

I had been warned that I had developed type II diabetes due to a shock to my system in my early twenties, and to watch what I eat. I gained a little here and there, but nothing drastic, so I thought I had it under control. Three years ago, things spiralled out of control and it affected my self-esteem a lot. I basically just stopped caring, and it really is a vicious cycle. Doctors said I was a walking stroke/heart attack waiting to happen. I had gone to crazy lengths to take various diet pills, tried diets that were unrealistic and each and every time I stopped, I gained the weight back and then some!

I reached a point in my life where seatbelts became a challenge, tying my own shoelaces was a task all on its own, buying clothes was becoming impossible, and I couldn’t stand the person I was seeing when I looked in the mirror. I no longer recognized myself!

I started my journey on the 26th of May 2013 and lost 2kg in the first week. During that time, I also admitted to myself that I was unable to do this on my own. I contacted Tamara, and set up an appointment to see her for a free consultation.

The consultation was short and to the point, and when I entered her studio, I saw a few people doing various types of exercises, and it looked gruelling! I can read people well, and when I sat and spoke with her, I could tell she didn’t take nonsense, and that was exactly what I was looking for. I needed someone to make me do the things I didn’t want to!

I gave her a brief background and told her that I was serious about this – I am sure she had heard that a million times and never seen that person again, but finally after years, I was certain my head was in the right place. She told me, “If you listen to me and do as I say, I will make you thin and healthy again”.

Needless to say, I have entrusted myself to Tamara; I listen, learn and do as she tells me to. This takes copious amounts of dedication, time and devotion. If you do not have those 3 things in check, you are going to struggle. Just as getting overweight doesn’t happen overnight, losing it takes long too. Don’t lose hope and do not give up! Having Tamara at your side, gives you all the tools you need to make a success of this journey: nutritional advice and proper gym technique. With her help, the only thing you can do is succeed.

To date, I have lost 27kg in total and I unfortunately did not keep track of my cm loss from the beginning, but I can relay this: Since 26 June 2013 – 26 October 2013 my centimetre loss is as follows:

●  Bicep – 3cm
●  Tummy (across belly button) – 14cm
●  Thigh – 8cm
●  Hips – 16cm
●  Waist (over largest part) – 16.5cm

Tamara’s workouts will push you far, and when you think you can’t go further, she’ll push you there. Tamara is on point with form, and does correct you if you happen to not do something correctly, to avoid injury and get the absolute most from an exercise. She is fully certified that it is evident when you attend training sessions with her.

Tamara is crazy, super fun and I love her personality. We work hard in the gym and play just as hard with laughter. I highly recommend Tamara to everyone who wants their life back. She is helping me get my life back. I feel more like my old self as each day passes! That feeling, money cannot buy!

I am still a work in progress, and I cannot wait to see the end result. I wish I had started sooner; so if you’re thinking about it – just do it! Don’t wait!