I entered a competition to train with the best Personal Trainer, Tamara Levinthal. I received a call in February from Tamara saying that I won the competition to train with her. I jumped for joy from excitement. I could not believe it as I never win competitions – this was my first one.

I started in March 2011 with my training (8 sessions). It was hard in the beginning but as time went by I got use to the training. I’m getting married in December this year and I wanted to lose some weight for that perfect dress. Winning this competition was the best thing that could happened to me. There were a few times that I wanted to give up due to the tough training. Tamara would always say “Jozelle, my darling, if losing weight was easy then everyone would be sexy”. It takes time and effort and you have to be motivated. For me personally, Tamara was my motivation. She is built like a goddess and I wanted my body to be like hers.

With the proper exercise and an eating plan compiled by Tamara, anything is possible. When I first met Tamara I thought she was in her early 20’s but to my surprise she is in her late 30’s. That is what healthy eating and exercise can do. It makes you look younger. Whenever I want to eat something that I shouldn’t I just think why I am trying to lose weight and then the wedding pops up in my mind. If you go on Tamara’s eating plan and train with her you are guaranteed to lose weight like I have.

I weighed 81kg in January this year. I started exercising and followed an eating plan and now I weigh 71kg. I’m still planning to lose more to reach my goal weight.

I would like to say thank you to you Tamara for everything that you have done for me. I will never forget it and I appreciate it dearly. You have changed my life tremendously. I’m continuing with my eating plan and exercise. I have a lot of self-confidence and respect for myself and my body. It is all thanks to you. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer.

Come on guys, give Tamara a call or send her an email for an appointment. It will change your life forever.

Yes everybody, it’s true, I won a competition that was sent via email. I personally thought that the “email this to 5 friends” competitions are a hoax, but it seems it is all true. I won a competition that was sent via an email – living proof!!