I did not think a new life of good health, vitality and fitness and change of my attitude was possible in less than 5 months.

For many months I had wished for the above, but never put in any action. I realized at the age of 40, out of shape, overweight and a weakening will to live and enjoy an active life – low self-esteem and self-worth, I had reached a turning point in my life. Something had to be done now or this downward spiral would not end but only get worse.

I knew I could not do it on my own, I needed a person to help motivate me, someone to be accountable to … I was naturally lazy and undisciplined when it pertained to exercise. I needed an instructor who could drive me to achieve the goals I had wished for.

That day arrived, 28 March 2016, the day of change … I could no longer live this current life of mine, I had heard about personal trainers [ I thought they were only for the rich and famous ] browsing the web sites I found Tamara’s web site, something captivated me … The photo’s the stories. It was real people who dared to dream … Just like me. A realistic, simple approach to health and fitness issue.

I phoned Tamara to set up a meeting full of expectation. This was the start of an incredible journey in my life. Hoping she would have this fantastic scientific fancy explanation on how she could fix me.  I very quickly realized at our first meeting this would not be the case, she asked me a few questions regarding my health and goals and then she simply said “if you want to change start training tomorrow you really need it”.

I realized in that moment I had nothing to offer myself at 104.8kg, no goals and no ambitions. Tamara offered me my real simple solution, A Plan Of Action, to improve me.

STOP WISHING START TRAINING, Improve my eating habits.    

She advised me of which supplements I could use to assist my eating and general health and aid my fitness and healing process.

I started training on 30/02/2016, what an experience! I realized very quickly that I did not know the difference between a bench press and a dumb bell press … I had two left feet, no flexibility and not too much co-ordination but with Tamara’s help and passion I made it alive through my first training session. In the first few training sessions all I could do was show up – Tamara motivated me and guided me through each session – at a time. Soon I discovered that Tamara had learnt my name … coupled with lack of co-ordination, she used it loudly and with enthusiasm, a piercing sound that shocked you back into action. This sharp correction and Tamara’s guidance I had made it past week 1. This was an amazing achievement for me. In week 2 I started to realize that Tamara had a short memory because she only seemed to remember my name. As my training continued, my lack of co-ordination skills helped us with some good laughs … not for too long before the sharp reflex correction took us back to work. 

We pushed forward – one week to the next and something started to happen to me … I felt hope, my body changed in a small way, I had lost a few 5kgs by 7 May 2016, without realizing it my energy improved and I started living each day.

That drive and enthusiasm from Tamara filtered into my life. I was starting to feel alive. My body was changing but so was my spirit and attitude towards life. I started to feel new possibilities. 

It was time to set the goals – weight loss of 15kgs in six months. I had a plan and a program of action and somebody who believed in me even when I doubted myself. The hard work continued … some days much harder than others.

During my journey there came a time, about three months into my training, that I wanted to quit, to throw in the towel, I said I could not do this or carry on … but what I learned is that I could carry on … It did not have to be perfect but only my best. The golden rule was just to show up.

My life was busy, life was happening with work and family and I missed my first training session, I also didn’t eat well and was completely out of my training routine. I dragged myself back to training session and my instructor was there, ready and willing to motivate me. I had made it back and training started to feel good. I started to feel great and Tamara showed me to be proud as I reached each small goal along the journey, even that 1kg loss in a week means we are still moving forward. If you fall, you get up, you continue. Your self- worth begins to improve and I realize I am doing it. I learned consistency was the key. Train my best at each session like it was my first … always try help others at training – many of  my training partners helped me. Some training sessions I felt I hit the wall and could not continue but experience has now shown me the next training session will be better. 

I am alive now, I continue to work hard now. I developed my own passion … I can now drive myself forward. I found balance in my life – my training and spiritual life. I still have some difficulty in training sessions where I think I can’t do it, Tamara continually motivates me to drive beyond what I dared believe possible. Her enthusiasm keeps me coming back and believing. I have a new life with new possibilities.

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS 18.3kgs in 5 months.

YES it is possible!

Tamara Fitness